Network Engineer


Network Engineer to provide assistance in all aspects of network management from network design through implementation, maintenance and upgrading of existing networks; specification, and related documents and implements communication system requirements to support the distributed functionality of a software engineering environment; Analyze network characteristics (e.g. traffic connect time, transmission speeds, packet sizes and throughput), troubleshoots problems and recommends procurement of, and/or modifications to network components.

As a team member provides support and serves on the Network Administration team including technical support to the Network Administrators and System Administrators, monitoring and maintaining the current infrastructure, improving system performance, and automating system administration. This positions also develops algorithms used in modules or incorporated into models associated with the research and development of technologies and systems involving one or more of the following areas: traditional circuit switched networks; data networks; access technologies; wireless systems; the media to carry such services; the protocols required for the completion of transport and services; operation of networks; management of network resources; provisioning of resources; traffic and/or performance modeling of such networks.


Qualifications include:

  • Provide technical support to the Network Administrators and System Administrators, monitor and maintain the current infrastructure, improve system performance, and automate system administration
  • Provide input to the design of the organizations network and mission architecture.
  • Conduct Computer Network Defense Operations, plan and install network upgrades, network design, and perform quality assurance and control.
  • Configure and maintain organization's network diagrams and accreditations.
  • Integrate hardware and software to satisfy ISO 9000 requirements and other DoD/IC regulations
  • Oversee the support to all network equipment
  • Support the integration of the analytic platform into the CND CDC
  • A Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university in Network Engineering or related discipline and ten (10) years of relevant professional experience and training commensurate with network engineering curriculums or a Masters degree from an accredited college or university in Network Engineering or related discipline and eight (8) years of relevant professional experience providing Network Engineering support
  • Eight years of experience as a Network Engineer in programs that encompass system architecture, requirements analysis, process execution and evaluation;
  • Experience in developing networks from design through implementation;
  • Experience with Cisco IOS or JunOS or equivalent;
  • Experience in configuring multi-vendor network equipment;
  • Experience with network test gear and testing network equipment;
  • Experience in configuring NAT and Routing Protocols;
  • Experience with Ethernet Trunking and configuring Ethernet VLANs.\
  • BS Degree or 8 years of additional experience